Grubbing Spade

The “Terminator” BERSANVANGA spade is an equipment mechanizing the manual operation of vine stock uprooting. The operation is performed on limited areas of existing rows to uproot dried vine stocks or stocks damaged by mechanical treatment or suffering from diseases, followed by the insertion of the new vine (operation which is technically called replanting) Up to now this operation has always been performed with a simple manual spade or more recently using mechanical drills installed on tractors or, as an alternative, shot drills, which are subject to high risks of accidents and require very hard work with the presence of two operators.

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Bersanvanga Terminator

The “Terminator” BERSANVANGA spade can be used on any type of agricultural tractors and can be fitted both on the front and on the rear of the means to be used (be it tracked or tyred) ad on both sides of the means indifferently.

The “Terminator” BERSANVANGA in standard version consists of two hydraulic movements: one controlling the insertion of the spade in the soil, while the second movement lifts and extracts the plant acting like a lever on the spade holding stem. A practical trestle for the equipment at rest enables a single operator to install and to garage the machine. The power required for the operation of the “Terminator” Bersanvanga can be supplied directly by the hydraulic power outlets of the tractor or through an independent hydraulic central.

The special features of this equipment, designed to meet also the need to dig holes (for poles, plants, etc.) during the maintenance of the vineyard, consists in the possibility of fitting on the same support frame also a hydraulic drill. The hydraulic drill to fit on the spade is equipped with:

Accessories supplied

-special hydraulic distributor with practical mechanical joystick and drill rotation and inversion lever
-reinforced helical points (diameters from 100 to 400 mm)
-kit with brackets to fasten it to the front or rear of the tractor (on demand).


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