For vineyard maintenance, uprooting plants, replacing support poles, inserting anchors and much more.

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The independent hydraulic drill can be positioned both on the front and rear hoist. Equipped with hydraulic jacks for the adjustment of the width, lateral displacement, inclination of the point with special distributor (equipped with mechanical mini joystick) 3+1 with double-effect lever + floater and built-in flow divider. Equipped with wheeled trestle and helical point with Ø 130mm fixed hammers (other diameters on demand).As an option, it can be equipped with a milling point for the extirpation of the plants and the plantation of the vines (working diameter about 0.45/0.50 mt). The hydraulic drill can be equipped with the hydraulic gripper for the extraction of the worn or broken support poles and with a special tool for the screwing of the helical anchoring devices supporting the trellising of the rows. The technical innovation is the versatility of the tool, in fact the possibility of fitting it on the front part of the tractor allows the operator proceeding with utmost safety, good visibility and comfort, avoiding uncomfortable and tiring position.


Reducer for heavy-duty work (extirpation of old plants with strong roots)

Drill kits of our production for the fitting on excavators available.

Available Accessories

*Special cutter tip for uprooting plants and preparing the soil for replanting cuttings (working diameter 400/450 mm);
*Twist drill diameter 100/130/150/200/250/300/350 mm
*Specific tip for interventions on tuff and rocky soils (various diameters) with Vidia inserts
*Special hydraulic pliers complete with quick coupling connectors complete with jaws for uprooting wooden and concrete poles/
with anti-intrusion rubberized plate for iron or steel/simple poles for uprooting plants
*Flanged cap unscrews/screws propeller anchors


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