Pre-pruner with double roller climbing over tractor
Coloklin model

Colombardo includes in its range of pre-pruning machines various models designed to meet any request of the customers.

In fact our company can offer two versions:

* “Triscol”, kit of lateral bars to be mounted on the chassis of a trimmer of ours, for lateral operation

* with double driving columns working over-the rows for the complete processing of the row to be pruned.

Further Informations
Pre-pruner with double driving columns mod. Coloklin

This pre-pruner, on double motorized columns, is used for pre-pruning/winter cutting of the espalier vineyard trained with high and low spurred cordon, for the upper part of the Gujot, in order to eliminate all the seasonal vegetative part, now woody, which is located above the fruiting cord between the support wires of the row; this allows a final saving of 70-80% on labor.

  • Pre-pruner composed of 8 pairs of cutting discs (working capacity approx. 60 to max 70 cm) on double hydraulic driving columns (possibility of inserting other pairs of discs to expand the working capacity) or in the case of Gujot farms to extract pairs of discs.
  • Electric emergency cage opening control
  • Lateral positioning adjustment (mechanical translation)
  • Hydraulic block complete with valves and flow divider
  • Special load-bearing articulated frame complete with hydraulic movements: lifting and inclination (possibility of applying simple pruner or tunnel and leaf remover)

The roller pruner unit is composed of a post-climbing spreader with quick electro/hydraulic control. The cutting discs can be arranged according to your type of system using quick-clamping spacer rings.

Machine equipped with a spreader adjustable in relation to the type of poles used and a support stand for the pruner group.

“Potel-Triscol” pre-pruner

The “Potel – Triscol” derives from the union of the “Potel” pruner, a machine with cutting bar vertical to the row (L 1.70 m as standard), usable for cutting the summer vegetation of the vine, with a frame that allows The insertion of two horizontal bars as a flag (approximately 0.80 m long as standard), so as to allow pre-pruning of the vine, in the winter period, on vineyards trained with simple curtain, spurred cordon, GDC.

Designed to be positioned, using a special plate, on the front side of any type of tractor. Assembly and disassembly are facilitated by a special stand supplied. The operation of the machine is completely hydraulic, and takes place via the hydraulic power take-off on the tractor, or, on request, via a hydraulic control unit mounted on the lift. From the driving seat it is possible to control the movements of the machine via a 5-lever distributor: the first, which has a shockproof protection system compliant with safety standards, has the task of activating the cutting sectors; the second rule is the working height (about 0.65 m); the third guides the lateral movement (about 0.50 m); the fourth directs the inclination of the cutting sector (+ 38°); the fifth is available for further commands on request. The “Potel – Triscol” weighs approximately 160 kg.


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