Retrolateral pole driver with on-board control unit.


Pole drivers of different types, both lateral and retro-lateral.

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The lateral pole driver is used for the trellising of vineyards, orchards, etc. located on slopes or on flat ground. The Rambo L machine has been designed to work in any situation. The machine is mounted on the side of any tractor with tracks or not. Its position at the centre-side allows its use on untilled soil without any danger for the tractor to lift.

The standard frame allows operating on poles with the minimum height of 2 meters up to 3.2 meters. The heights required can be reached with the substitution of the tool-holding plate.

The machine is used also to remove old or worn poles

The machine is equipped with hydraulic operation system for slewing, left-right inclination, pressing, and extraction.

Rear-lateral pole driver “Rambo RL model”

Universal 3 point connection. Adjustable pressing plate. Connection for the pole  extraction chain. Hoister blocking brackets.

Hydraulic operation through 3 double-effct jacks:

– slewing jack

– inclination jack

– central pressing jack

On demand hydraulic side-shift function.

Production capacity 120/150 poles/hour.

Accessories on request

Hydraulic flag auger mounted on the structure of the pile driver with double quick joint for work or rest position, including distributor in series with 5 levers and tip diam. 130 mm.
Special hydraulic clamp complete with ¼” quick coupling connectors without pipes to extract poles from 3×5 section up to 15×15 section
Tilting cap tool for steel poles
Vibrating hammer for driving wooden and iron poles on firm ground.

Additionally, you can add:

  • Translator ( 160 mm.) for the transversal movement of the pressing cap, which allows you to correct any positioning errors of the tractor, requires a 4-function hydraulic distributor.
  • Double-acting 4-way distributor (40 L capacity) for tractors without a four-control distributor (only in the presence of a sideshift).


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