The cutting principle of the Speedy-Rotor trimmer is called “free blade” cut, because the cut of the vegetation is obtained through inertia thanks to the high rotation speed of the blades, obtaining a neat cut, which avoids enervating the shoots, even without the aid of a counter-blade. The blades are assembled overlaying to prevent the vegetation to be trimmed to escape. Every tool has a length of about 30 cm and the overlaying is about 70 cm (a wall of 1.80mt needs a module with 4 to 5 cutting blades); the structure of the tool-holding module consists entirely of a light alloy and stainless steel to make the machine extremely light.

The tool-holding modular structure of Speedy-Rotor is inserted on the same chassis of the Potel and Rotor series trimmers or, in the tunnel version, on an articulated chassis to facilitate its transport on board of a tractor (reducing the lateral volume).

In the photograph: Fast knife trimmer Mod. Speedy mounted on the front on an ECO frame with electric Joystick control.

The trimmers we produce are available on different types of frames on request, depending on the need: heavy articulated frame, heavy fixed frame, eco frame, U-shaped frame for double trimmers, or inverted T-frame.

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