The Cargo elevator can be fitted to any type of tractor. Both the lifting and the tipping of the tank can be easily controlled by the operator of the tractor by means of hydraulic jacks.

Tipping height: standard sizes 2.60 – 3.20 m, different dimensions on demand.

 This simple and sturdy tool does not need any special maintenance except the careful lubrication with grease of the sliding parts. Very useful during the grape harvest, it can be used also for other agricultural products in bulk.

Equipped with a tank with capacities of 400-500-700-1000 l, with internal surface protected by epoxy paint approved for enology or completely made of stainless steel (Aisi 304).


With a simple transformation, instead of the tank it is possible to fit two adjustable forks for the loading and upload on pallets, up to a capacity of 800/1000 kg.


Lateral support sliders with adjustable height or pneumatic wheels on a special axle, hinged to the elevator frame. Both solutions allow better and safer transport maneuvers on particularly light tractors

Device for the lateral tipping of the “Bins”.


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