SPEEDY available versions

Speedy-Rotor lateral version:

The machine is equipped with four blades (usable cutting capacity 1.50 m) on the vertical structure and a blade for the top for the horizontal cut of the row (cutting capacity 0.50 m). The machine consists of a support frame and bears four hydraulic movements: lifting, lateral run, inclination of the cutting segment by +/- 20°, inclination of the top (roof), controlled through an hydraulic distributor with four lever plus one controlling the motor with anti-shock protection complying with the CE regulations.

Speedy-Rotor tunnel version:

Lopping machine for the trimming of the row with special articulated frame to facilitate the entrance into the row, the transport during the displacement, and to reduce its volume; equipped with the following controls: lifting and displacement, inclination of the cutting segment and 5-lever distributor. The chassis is predisposed for future application of defoliators, shredders, and pre-pruning machines.

Speedy Rotor double version (right-left) for the bilateral trimming of the row:

The machine is equipped with a special chassis featuring the following controls: lifting, in series right-left displacement, left-right inclination of the tops (roofs), and six-lever distributor.

Besides it is possible to mount the segment with rapid cutting blades on “ECO” chassis which differentiates this equipment for transferring the lateral movement and the hydraulic inclination articulation on the lower frame of the chassis.

The trimmers we produce are available on different types of frames on request, depending on the need: heavy articulated frame, heavy fixed frame, eco frame, U-shaped frame for double trimmers, or inverted T-frame.

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