The lateral pole driver is used for the trellising of vineyards, orchards, etc. located on slopes or on flat ground. The Rambo L machine has been designed to work in any situation. The machine is mounted on the side of any tractor with tracks or not. Its position at the centre-side allows its use on untilled soil without any danger for the tractor to lift.
The standard frame allows operating on poles with the minimum height of 2 meters up to 3.2 meters. The heights required can be reached with the substitution of the tool-holding plate.
The machine is used also to remove old or worn poles
The machine is equipped with hydraulic operation system for slewing, left-right inclination, pressing, and extraction.


Accessories on demand:

Translating unit (160mm stroke) for the transverse displacement of the pressing cap; it allows amending any positioning error of the tractor; it needs a 4-function hydraulic
Distributor 4-way double-effect distributor (capacity 40 L) for tractors without 4-control distributor (only at the presence of a translating unit)
Hydraulic drill mounted in feather position on the frame of the pole driver with double rapid joint for work or rest position, including standard 5-lever distributor and 130mm diameter tip
Special hydraulic pincer with rapid connections ¼" without tubes, for the extirpation of poles with sections ranging from 3x5 to 15x15
Vibration hamme for the planting of wooden and iron poles in hard soil.


particolare del piantapali Rambo L con martello idraulico vibrante


RAMBO L pole driver with drill





- The machine weighs about 200 kg without the accessories.

- Its capacity is about 130/160 poles/hour.

- Suitable for medium to big wine estates and for contractors.